How To Use Social Media To Brand The Real You!

How To Use Social Media To Brand The Real You!

What does branding have to do with Social Media? I am glad you asked, and my answer is EVERYTHING!

Yes, it's true, Social Media is a platform with the sole purpose for users is to be "social" but while you are being "social" you have to keep in mind, everything you post, everything you like or dislike, is a reflection of your brand. Be aware of what you share with the world.

What is Social Media Branding? There are many definitions of branding, but the one I prefer to use is...Branding -is about how someone feels in the moment when they interact with you or your brand.  

This says a lot about a person, a product, or a service that is top of mind at that time.

How should I brand myself on Social Media? When using social media to share your brand with the world, please keep in mind that YOU are who you are in this new transparent world. What does that mean? It means you can only pretend to be something you are not for so long. Eventually, the truth will prevail. Brand and stand in your truth, especially on social media.

Let's Be Clear

  • Good Intent- when it comes to getting people to interact with you on social media, you must show and have good intentions. No one wants to follow or engage with someone that seems untrustworthy. The best way to show good intent is to always come across as a helpful and thoughtful person. It's okay to be funny or even entertaining, but make sure you share genuine and worthy stuff. We respect and follow those that give us good stuff.
  • Boldness Builds- Simply put! Stand up for your brand. Be bold when your branding on social media. One of the most important factors of effective branding is standing firmly in your point of view. Social media is a good place to do exactly that today. Your followers will engage with you because you have the same beliefs, likes, dislikes, and point of view. If you firmly believe in something, don't be afraid to share it with the world. Be bold in your beliefs, and show the world what you are made of on social media.

Social media is here to stay, therefore, we need to embrace it. Social media has become one of the largest relationship builders in the world. Create that platform that draws people to you, understands you, and most of all respects you. Get creative, and start building. You can do it.

Homework: Comment below, and let us know how you get people to engage and support you on your social media platforms? What are some of the things you have found that works for you? 

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